DIAMOND WAS BORN 7/5/2009 in Washington State.

She has earned her CGC title in 2010 at the Napa Dog Training Club.

According to FCI standard she has a major physical fault. In addition she is very easy stressed in strange sourroundings even though she was extensively socialized when young. For those reasons I will not use her for breeding.

  But she is a loving companion, has great play drive and will chase her ball forever (as long as she can cool off in her pool). She'll get warm very fast so I bought her her very own swimming pool. She does nothing slow but will do everything full blast.

 She is easy to live with but will complain loudly if I do anything with any of the other dogs.

The following pictures are from November  2011 with her hovawart friend Edgar visiting and a couple with her friend Mambo the boxer a few weeks earlier.

Edgar is the same age as Diamond but is heavy boned and weighs almost double. They are always having a blast together when they visit with each other.

Chase me!!! 

Diamond waiting for her ball...

Diamond flying through the air.

Having fun

....her very much loved and used ball!

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