Introducing "AMSEL" (little black bird)

"Amsel" was born in Germany on 10/5/2009. She came to CA on 12/2/09. She was barely 8 weeks on and took the long journey in stride.

 Here is Amsel at her first AKC Agility trial doing the Standard run. She even made first place.

This is February 2012 at the age of 26 month. Still a youngster but having lots of fun.

Beautiful one year old in Nov. 2010 

 AMSEL 4.2011    18 MONTH OLD

 play with girlfriend Joya in July 2010

 Nov. 2010 - Amsel loves tracking and is on her way to be my best tracking dog ever!

Amsel still in Germany 7 weeks old

Finder teaching little Amsel (8 weeks)

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