In 1980 I decided to move from germany to California 

Five years later I adopted my first dog a mixed breed and named him 'Koenig'. After starting in obedience and tracking we happened onto Search&Rescue and I certified with him for Wilderness, Disaster, Water and Evidence. 

When I was ready for a second dog I ran into an article about hovawart dogs doing SAR work in germany. I liked what I read about their temperament and started doing research into the breed. I wrote lots of letters to breeders which had a good record of producing excellent hips and also with lines of working dogs. 

My first hovawart arrived in 1989:


It was very exciting and we went on close to 100 searches together all over the country. 

Koenig searching at Oakland Firestorm 

Koenig socializing on a break while searching after the LA riots and yeah, thats me in the orange jump suit:-)


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